Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is there a minimum amount required to start investment in Jointly?

Yes, Every property listed has a minimum entry amount. For instance, if a property is valued at Fifty million Naira(N50,000,000) and there are One Hundred(100) investment slots available at Five Hundred Thousand Naira(N500,000) each, this means that the minimum amount is Five Hundred Thousand Naira(500,000). 

Is Jointly only focusing on Real Estate investments?

The entire Jointly platform is built with the goal of helping people own real estate and earn rental income. So yes, Jointly is focused on only Real Estate and all features both present and future will be designed towards helping you own more Real Estate.

Is there a referral program for Realtors or anyone who wants to sell the products on Jointly for a commission? 

Yes, there is a referral program that allows you earn commissions and investment points which you can use to invest in income-producing property. When you sign up, you automatically get a unique referral link, whenever someone signs up with your link, you get a commission which you can withdraw at any time. You also get points which you can accumulate and use them to purchase income-producing property. 

Is Jointly a registered company? If yes, what regulatory certification does Jointly have? 

Jointly operates legally as a cooperative society - Xymbolic Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (Registration Number, 18297) and is regulated by the  Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives.

if you are an investor like me, what would you consider the risk level is, on a scale of 1 to 10, to consider investing in?

Jointly operates legally as a cooperative society - Xymbolic Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited (Registration Number, 18297) and is regulated by the  Lagos State Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives.

Are there limited caps on the number of people who can invest in a particular property?

Yes, every property has a maximum number of investors. For instance, if a property is worth ₦10M and if we break down each slot to ₦500K, that means we have  200 slots. Once the 200 slots are bought, you will no longer be able to purchase that property.

What guarantees investors' equity and investment returns?

These properties are backed by real assets. A two-bedroom apartment is a two-bedroom apartment anywhere. If a two-bedroom apartment is sitting in a building and then its rent or returns from the property comes, it is guaranteed that the rent is split amongst the co-owners.In addition to that, each co-owner receives a certificate of beneficial ownership when they purchase a property, showing their ownership in that property.Also, the Jointly team ensures that the property is rented and managed by a property managememnt firm that also ensures that your property gets rented and is properly managed.

If you co-own land that is later developed as a rental apartment, as the rent increases, will your percentage also increase?

As rent increases will the share of the rent increase? YES! As rent increases will your percentage increase, NO. Let's say the apartment is worth ₦10M and you invested ₦1M that means what you own in that apartment is 10%, so let’s say rent every year is ₦2M it means you earn 10% of the ₦2M which is ₦200K.If the rent increases to ₦4M, you still earn 10% of ₦4M which is ₦400K. So YES what you receive as rent will increase but your percentage remains the same.

What if the number of investors is not met within a reasonable time, what will happen to the invested funds?

First of all when we want to fund a development, we don't just take the money and go fund the development because there is a period within which a particular development is expected to be funded, so whatever money is gotten is held in an escrow account and it is held until the investment goal is reached, when this investment goal is reached, we then take the money and use it to develop or acquire the property. However if the investment goal is not reached in a reasonable amount of time, its either we extend to allow other persons to invest or the money is returned to investors and that will be communicated on the platform.

Are there specific laws in Nigeria that guide and regulate this kind of shareholding? If yes, what are those laws?

If you look at the Lagos state land registration law of 2015, it has certain sections dedicated to Joint tenancy or holders in common so yes, there is the legal backing for this type of co-ownership.

Is Jointly going to have projects in Lagos alone?

Jointly offers you borderless ownership of Real Estate. You can live anywhere and own property in any part of the world. So, Jointly’s projects won’t be in Lagos alone. We are building a product that will allow Africans own income-producing property in any part of the world and earn rent from these properties.

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